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Illinois Farm Bureau Ag-in-the-Classroom


Soy Island

The Great Corn Adventure
Illinois Corn Growers & Captain Cornelius

General Ag Facts and History
Illinois Farm Bureau
Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service
USDA - National Agricultural Statistics Service
Illinois Department of Agriculture
A Brief History of Agriculture

Livestock and Dairy
American Sheep Industry Association, Inc.
Illinois Beef Association
Illinois Pork Producers Association
Midwest Dairy Association
National Beef Producers
National Pork Producers
Moo Milk


Specialty Crops and Processing
Dole 5 A Day
Apple Processing and Technology
Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News

USDA Agriculture Marketing Service
    Plant Survey Flyer
    PPB Plant Systems Audit (PSA) Program
    Processed Products Branch
    Food Defense System Survey
    Qualified Through Verification
    Qualified Through Verification Process for the
    Fresh-Cut Produce Industry

Living Lands and Waters
UIUC-HHMI Biotechnology Education & Outreach Program (includes Hands-On DNA activities for elementary-high school students)
University of Illinois Extension Urban Programs
Farm Safety 4 Just Kids
Reddy's Safety Zone
Basic Egg Facts
Kids for Conservation
Illinois Agricultural Education Organizations and Agencies
USDA National Ag in the Classroom
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

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